The church was birthed through a tent crusade held by Dr Davi d Haag  and Pastor Reuben Stephen early in 1973. Services began in the living room of Pastor Stephen at the 1101 Flats in Buffelsdale in the same year, an continued until 1978 when it was found that the premises were being over-crowded and unable to accommodate the influx of people. Services were then moved to a double garage owned by Pastor Norman Willy in the beginning of 1978.On 7th May 1978, Pastor George Govender assumed the role of Minister and named the assembly “Peoples Chapel”. Some of the very first members were Daniel Francis, Calvin Keseval, Joshua Chelan, George Govender (Elder) and David John and family who have had a collective passion for souls.Pastor Reuben Stephen was then called to offer his services as a lecturer at the Calvary Bible Institute. Whilst services were being held in the double garage, land was being sought for a new church building. After constant prayer and much waiting upon the Lord, the Tongaat Town Board granted land in 1985. The building commenced in 1986 and through the industriousness and hard work of our fellow workers the church opened its doors on 17th July 1988 to the Glory of God. The contributions made by certain individuals remain immeasurable and their value is highly esteemed.Through some trying times in 1990, part of the congregation broke away from the local church resulting in a major reduction in membership, however, God has been great during this period and has given the strength to persevere in weathering the storms of life during transition. At the very present moment the church is growing in leaps and bounds with many new souls entering in, thus enlarging His Kingdom. The primary focus at Peoples Chapel is on Worship and is truly a place of His Presence. Today, Peoples Chapel stands on the threshold of a momentous epoch and by common endeavour, unity, peace and prosperity can be achieved. Pastor George and Savy Govender have served as Senior Pastors of Peoples Chapel for the last 25 years and with effect from 1st May 2003 have dedicated themselves to go to the nations on a full times basis, thus handing the mantle over to Pastor Shane and Rita Govender as Senior Pastors of Peoples Chapel. To God be all glory, honour and praise. This is “His story” all for His glory


As  Senior Ministers of The Peoples Chapel,  Pastor Shane and  Sister Rita promote a passionate pursuit of God through not only corporate worship, but in teaching & equipping others to pursue God. Their desire is to empower and train people to become worshippers living in the intimate embrace of Jesus Christ. They carry a deep burden and vision for the next generation as this generation will become critical to ensure the accurate transfer of legacy and posterity in the kingdom. They envision a United Church, influencing their City for Jesus Christ and impacting their Nation ultimately seeing the church of Jesus Christ come to the place called the finish in their generation. Pastor Shane and Rita have been in full-time ministry now for thirteen years, have two children and reside in Tongaat, South Africa.